Excetera Brings Warmth and Smiles to Homeless

Sutton Night watch, a group of volunteers who meet several times a week at Sutton Station to offer hot drinks and food, clothes and other support to homeless people have until now been doing so in all weather conditions and one of our staff, Kingsley Hamilton has been giving up his time to help volunteer but now he has also been bringing one of our buses to the soup kitchen providing warmth and shelter.

Coaches Excetera

Dean Killick, Head of Sutton Night watch said,

"We are so grateful for the bus. Having the bus is massive help, as not only are we now protected from the elements, but our service users also have somewhere to sit and keep warm and feel more comfortable to ask for our help."

Sutton nightwatch have some success stories helping to get people off the streets completely.

Kingsley Hamilton, from the bus owners Excetera said

"The double decker is also very useful as service users who know it will be here can use it as a hub so they can go upstairs and have a private chat with support workers, or even just a moments peace in this hectic world. We are only down the road from Sutton so it’s quite lucky my boss has been really good about it and let me take the bus free of charge. He's good like that.

Sutton Nightwatch is available for those that need it several times a week and the bus will be there most Wednesdays.

For more information, please search Sutton Night Watch or ​have a look to their FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.

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